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Smudging is an ancient sacred practice used to clear your home and body of negative energy. Smudging will purify your space by bathing you in aromatic smoke releasing negative ions and invoking a sense of calm. 

To smudge; light the end of your smudge stick with a candle flame and once lit, gently blow the flames out. Carry your smoking smudge stick with a ceramic vessel underneath to catch the ash. With intention, wash the aromatic smoke around your head and body. Carry the smoking smudge stick around your home into each room carrying the intention of releasing bad energy. 

Safety is paramount here, always ensure you have a ceramic dish under your smoking smudge stick, and stub out fully after you have completed smudging, leaving it in ceramic dish away from any flammable objects. Ensure you have good air flow and open your home up after a smudging session.

Our bundles of Sage are sourced from California, where it is sustainably harvested as part of a social enterprise. 

Medium Sage Sticks are approximately 14cm long but do vary slightly in size.

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